Your Luxury personal Gifter is here to help you

To find the perfect luxury gift for your “Her”, Him or wathever you like, based on characteristics and needs. I will help you amaze and satisfy your sweet-half.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Luxury Personal Gifter?

The Luxury Personal Gifter was created to help men and women find the ideal gift for their special people. As a Luxury Personal Gifter I will provide my knowledge of luxury to give you the best support in choosing the best luxury accessory.

What can you do for me?

I will help you find the perfect gift in line with the expectations and values of your special someone, whether partner, friendship or relative. My service takes place in three stages: an initial consultation where I will gather your needs, a second return consultation, and a third choice consultation. I will personally accompany you to purchase the accessory identified in the boutique

What are your skills?

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Where can we meet?

We can meet online in web meetings that you can book by filling out the form or live in classy venues in downtown Milan.