The best service for people who

would like to find a luxury gift but doesn’t know where to start

Finding the right gift is always

A challenge, all the more so if it is a gift for special people on special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays or important occasions. Choosing the ideal luxury accessory is even more difficult. I, as a Luxury Personal Gifter, am here to help make the choice quick and easy. My service is ideal for those who would like to save time in choosing, yet maintain the confidence to impress with the perfect luxury accessory.

Luxury personal gifting

The three steps

Discovering Needs

In an initial 45-minute meeting, either live or online, we will identify the tastes and needs of the person receiving the gift.

The luxury solutions

In a second 45-minute meeting I will introduce you to three potential accessories chosen by me based on the person’s tastes and needs.

The Luxury choice

I will personally accompany you to the boutique to purchase the Luxury Personal Gift.

Save time

Suitable for those

Has no time to waste in the search for a gift

Non sempre si ha il tempo necessario da dedicare alla scelta del regalo perfetto. Grazie alla mia esperienza e alla mia formazione sono in grado di fornire consigli indispensabili, effettuando per te la miglior scelta possibile facendoti risparmiare tempo.

Non saprebbe da che parte iniziare

Friend, partner, wife, boyfriend… no matter who the gift is for, choosing something right is ALWAYS difficult. If you don’t know where to start, Luxury Personal Gifter’s service will surely help you clear your mind and make the best decision possible.

Would like to surprise a special person

A nice gift will make a person happy, however one will be enough to surprise him/her. The perfect, personalized gift, chosen based on the person’s personality and tastes will surprise her by giving her an experience. A moment that she will then remember forever. A Luxury Personal Gift is exactly that.

“Clara helped me in finding the perfect ring for my wife's birthday, which I was finally able to surprise after years of failure."


“Every year it was always the same story: I never knew what to get my girlfriend for our anniversary. Clara gave me the right advice, thanks to her I knew what to buy.”


“From the first contact, Clara showed great professionalism and competence. I would recommend her to anyone who, even if they wanted to, would not have time to choose the best for special people."


Request now your luxury advice

Book a 45-minute appointment, either live or online. We will identify the tastes and needs of the person receiving the gift.